Frequently Asked Questions

Our standard turnaround time is 3-5 business days. Please keep in mind this does not include shipping time. Everything ships from our Fenton, MI 48430 location.

Please note that UV coating and rounded corners may add to the produciton time.

Some restrictions may apply.

Due to possible shifting during printing and trimming, we do not suggest a border on any project. The final piece may not be centered and the borders could look uneven. 

You may continue to place your order with a border, but please be aware that we will not reprint or refund any order due to it not being centered. 


Bleed is a term used in the print industry to define a document which has color and/or graphics that extend off the edge of the page. The excess color will be trimmed off so that there is no white margin around the document edges. When a product has bleed, it must be printed on a larger sheet than the finished trimmed size. The most commonly suggested amount of bleed is an excess of .125” per side. 



BUSINESS CARD     3.5” X 2” > 3.75” X 2.25”

POSTCARD               4” X 6” > 4.25” X “6.25”

INVITATION              5” X 7” > 5.25” X 7.25”

FLYER                        8.5” X 11” > 8.75” X 11.25”


The Cut Line represents where your document will be trimmed to finish size. Any color or graphics beyond this line will be cut off. 

The Safety Zone is a highly recommended margin in which we suggest all text remain within. This margin ensures that text will not be cut off when the piece is trimmed to finish size. To prevent any unwanted trimming, we suggest all text remain .25” from all side edges. 


Uncoated stock has no coating or sheen to it whatsoever.

Matte has a subtle coating that offers a minimal luster to the piece.

Gloss has a coating that offers more light reflection and sheen to the piece. 

15PT Coated 1 Side stock has a gloss coating on one side and is uncoated on the other. It is thicker than traditional Matte or Gloss stocks. 

Please note that if you choose 15PT Coated 1 Side Stock, the gloss coating will be  the front of the card unless you specify otherwise in the notes during checkout.

14PT Coated 2 Sides stock has a gloss coating on both sides. It is thicker than traditional Matte or Gloss stocks. 

Standard Text 24# is a lightweight, uncoated traditional stock that most would associate with typical printer paper that one would use at home with a personal printer. 


Some helpful hints that may help you determine which stock is right for your needs:

-Uncoated stocks are easy to write on with any utensil. 

-Coated stocks are harder to write on unless you are using a permenant marker. 


UV Coating is a high gloss ultraviolet coating that offers substantial sheen and protection to printed paper surfaces. It is an additional production process and will incur excess charges. 

Adding UV Coating to an uncoated stock will not make the piece high gloss - the nature of the uncoated stock will simply absorb the UV Coating. Adding UV Coating to any other coated stocks will enhance the gloss and sheen of the piece. 

UV Coating can only be added to cover weight stocks as text weight stocks are too thin to absorb the coating. 


Please note that if you choose UV coating on one side, it will be applied to the front of the card unless you specify otherwise in the notes during checkout.

A Union Bug or Union Label is an emblem which signifies that the employees who make a product are represented by the labor union or group of unions whose label appears. Allied is represented by Teamsters District Council 3 Local 2/289M.

To request our union bug to be printed on your materials, simply select it from the drop down menu on the product page. Please note that if you do not request our union bug, it will not be printed. If you prefer the union bug to be added to a specific area of your product, please specify where in the Special Instructions box during the checkout process. 

Any use of the Allied Union Services union bug without our permission is strictly prohibited and illegal.